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Whether you operate an oil refinery, a smart grid network, a municipal water system, or any other complex industrial control system, Wurldtech protects you from the threat of cyber attack. System operators and integrators benefit from Wurldtech's products and services as we protect critical infrastructure ranging from SCADA / DCS control systems to smart meters.

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For developers of industrial control systems, SCADA systems, smart meters, wearable medical devices or any remotely accessible products, Wurldtech protects your products and customers from the threat of cyber attack.

9 of the world's top 10 automation providers use Wurldtech's comprehensive suite of security products and services to demonstrate that cyber security is a critical element of their feature set.

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An industry-leading benchmark for the secure development of applications, devices and systems found in critical infrastructure, including SCADA and ICS.




Wurldtech, a GE company, is in the business of protecting critical infrastructure from cyber attack. We work with both device manufacturers and system operators to provide protection for critical infrastructure against the persistent and dynamic cyber threats. Customers worldwide rely on Wurldtech products and services to reduce the risks and costs of a cyber attack, maximize system uptime and meet compliance mandates. Our Achilles® certification programs have been widely adopted by both manufacturers and operators to deliver third party benchmark testing of product and system security.



Wurldtech Partners with DEKRA to Expand OT Security Certifications Worldwide
March 2015

How Network Segmentation Improves Operational Security for Pipelines
February 2015

Finding a Balance: Managing OT Cyber Risk
February 2015



B Sides Vancouver 2015
Date: March 16 - 17, 2015
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RSA Conference 2015
Date: April 20 - 24, 2015
Frank Marcus, Director Security Technology, will facilitate a Peer2Peer session discussing the evolution of threats targeting industrial control systems
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