Arm Your Team with OT-specific Security Knowledge and Skills

Cyber risk is growing for industrial operations. New threat actors, inherent vulnerabilities and lagging technical controls present significant challenges for the protection of critical assets. Many organizations recognize that effective cyber defense requires collaboration between IT security and asset operators, but a lack of common awareness leads to communication challenges and frustration on both sides.

Unique needs require different approaches

Wurldtech’s Industrial Security Training Program is a set of web-based courses that offer flexible, as needed training that accommodates busy schedules. This comprehensive training curriculum is divided into three training series:

  • Industrial Security Introductory Training
  • Industrial Security Intermediate Training
  • Industrial Security Advanced Training

To address these challenges, Wurldtech offers system operators a comprehensive portfolio of security training courses for critical infrastructure and Industrial Control Systems (ICS). The training is developed and delivered by Wurldtech’s security experts—people with extensive real-world experience in analyzing and implementing security solutions at customer operating facilities. They supply a wealth of experience, examples and stories in order to deliver applicable, actionable instruction.

These courses incorporate the expertise and experience of our recognized OT industry experts to improve security understanding. The course content is focused on providing actionable insight, not just theory. Students will gain knowledge about OT environments, cyber risk and best practices for protection.

The courses are self-paced, allowing maximum flexibility for completion, and include embedded knowledge tests to ensure understanding.

For additional information, download the data sheet here:

Online Security Training Courses

For further details about industrial security training, including our custom-designed, on-site courses, please contact us online or by telephone at 1 877 369 6674 or 604 669 6674.